Main strategic objectives of the work developed by ACTION/Portugal in Mozambique:

  •  Implementation of the National Strategy for Mandatory Social Security (ENSSO) 2019-2024, as soon as it is approved by the Council of Ministers to effectively increase coverage to workers operating in the informal economy.
  • Capacity building to promote good governance, articulation and complementarity of the social protection system and the management of social security statistics.

An active and coordinated network between the following key partner institutions:

Articulation with national policies and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)

  • National Development Strategy 2015-2035: 
    • 75% of vulnerable people benefiting from Basic Social Security by 2035. 
  • Five-Year Government Programme 2020-2024: 
    • Strategic Objective Promote gender equality and equity, social inclusion and protection of the most vulnerable segments of the population:
    • 28% of people living below the poverty line benefiting from social protection programmes.
      • Strategic Objective Promote Employment, Labour Legality and Social Security:
    • 67,000 new companies (taxpayers) registered in the Mandatory Social Security System;
    • 20,000 new self-employed beneficiaries enrolled in the Mandatory Social Security System.
  • National Strategy for Basic Social Security 2016-2024:  
    • 2.23% of GDP dedicated to Basic Security by 2024 
  • UNPAF Framework 
    • Outcome 5: The poorest and most vulnerable people benefit from a more effective social protection system: 
    • Output 5.1: Policy and fiscal space for Social Protection are strengthened; 
    • Output 5.2: Social Protection Programmes are implemented in a transparent and more efficient manner; 
    • Output 5.3: Enrolment in social protection programmes improves access of vulnerable groups to health, nutrition and education services.

Contribution to the SDGs – Agenda 2030

Visit the ILO Dashboard for more data on the Social Protection situation in Mozambique.

For more information: 

Rubén Vicente, ILO Social Protection Programme Manager and ACTION/Portugal country officer for Mozambique